DATA PROTECTION Responsible body in terms of data protection laws is: KSC Bottrop e.V. Using Google Maps This   website   uses   Google   Maps   API   to   visually   display   geographic   information.   When   using   Google   Maps,   Google   also   collects,   processes   and uses   data   about   the   use   of   map   features   by   visitors.   For   more   information   about   Google's   data   processing,   please   refer   to   the   Google   Privacy Notice. There you can also change your personal privacy settings in the privacy center. For detailed instructions on how to manage your own data related to Google products, click here. Embedded YouTube videos On   some   of   our   websites   we   embed   Youtube   videos.   The   corresponding   plug-ins   are   operated   by   YouTube,   LLC,   901   Cherry Ave.,   San   Bruno,   CA 94066,   USA.   When   you   visit   a   page   with   the YouTube   plug-in,   it   will   connect   to Youtube's   servers. Youtube   will   be   informed   which   pages   you   visit.   If you   are   logged   into   your   Youtube   account,   Youtube   can   assign   your   surfing   behavior   to   you   personally.   This   can   be   prevented   by   logging   out   of your Youtube account beforehand. If a Youtube video is started, the provider uses cookies that collect information about user behavior. Anyone   who   has   disabled   the   storage   of   cookies   for   the   Google Ad   program   will   not   have   to   expect   such   cookies   when   watching   YouTube   videos. Youtube   also   stores   non-personal   usage   information   in   other   cookies.   If   you   want   to   prevent   this,   you   must   block   the   storage   of   cookies   in   the browser. For more information on data protection at "Youtube", see the privacy policy of the provider at: Your rights to information, correction, suspension, cancellation and opposition You   have   the   right   to   receive   information   about   your   personal   data   stored   by   us   at   any   time.   Likewise,   you   have   the   right   to   correction,   blocking   or, apart   from   the   prescribed   data   storage   for   business   transactions,   deletion   of   your   personal   data.   Please   contact   our   data   protection   officer.   The contact details can be found at the bottom. For   a   data   lock   to   be   taken   into   account   at   all   times,   these   data   must   be   stored   in   a   lock   file   for   control   purposes. You   can   also   request   the   deletion of the data, as long as there is no legal archiving obligation. As far as such an obligation exists, we lock your data on request. You can make changes or revoke your consent by notifying us with effect for the future. Change of our privacy policy We   reserve   the   right   to   change   this   Privacy   Policy   from   time   to   time   to   ensure   that   it   complies   with   current   legal   requirements   or   to   implement changes   to   our   services   in   the   Privacy   Policy,   such   as:   For   example,   when   introducing   new   services.   Your   new   visit   will   be   subject   to   the   new privacy policy. Questions to the data protection officer If you have any questions about data protection, please write us an e-mail or contact our data protection officer directly: KSC Bottrop e.V. Weusterstr. 7 46240 Bottrop The privacy policy has been created with the privacy statement generator of activeMind AG.
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